Frequently Asked Questions on Rental Property in Hull

What is a Tenancy Agreement?

The agreementis an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, which means that you can stay in the property for the period of the lease, provided that you meet all the obligations of the tenancy. You have the right to an initial minimum of six months.

The Shorthold Tenancy Agreement you will sign upon occupation of your chosen property is a legal contract between the landlord of the property and yourself. You should read the agreement carefully and ensure you understand it fully and if in doubt consult a solicitor or other qualified person.

The tenancy agreement places legal obligations on you. Some of these are answered below.

What if I need to leave the property before the obligatory 6 months minimum contract?

Due to the terms of the agreement, you are contracted to remain at the property until the end of the period stated in the agreement. Should you decide to leave at the end of the period stated in the agreement, you must notify us, in writing, giving a minimum of one months notice prior to the end of the rental period.

Please note: Should you vacate the property prior to the end of the contracted period, whether or not you give one months notice, you will be liable for all rent payments due until the end of the contracted period, or until we are able to find a replacement tenant. You will also be liable for the landlord's re-letting fee for the new tenancy.

Can I decorate the property?

Should you wish to make any changes to the property, you must notify us in writing and wait until written permission is given before any work commences. Permission will not be withheld unreasonably. However, should the redecoration be anything garish, at the end of your tenancy we may insist that the property is repainted to the same standard as when you moved in.

Please remember that you are living in someone else's property and treat with appropriate respect. In the case of furnished property, all the furniture and fittings such as cookers, fridges, etc will have to be used by the next tenant after you, so please keep them clean and in good condition.

What is my deposit for and Where is it held?

We require a deposit for every tenancy. In accordance with the introduction of the tenancy deposit protection scheme we are now required to place any deposit with a government authorised scheme, which will safeguard the money and offer independent adjudication in the event of any dispute. The deposit is refundable only after you have vacated the property and provided that:

  1. Your rent is paid up to date
  2. All utility bills relating to the tenancy have been paid
  3. The property has been well maintained
  4. Any items listed on the inventory are all present and in good condition. Please pay particular attention to fridges, cookers etc.

The landlord must be satisfied with the property before the deposit is refunded. As long as the points above are satisfactory, the deposit will normally be refunded within two weeks, by company cheque, and sent to your forwarding address.

Who is responsible for repairs to the property and who should I report them to?

If a fault becomes apparent at the property, you must inform us immediately. Failure to do so may mean that you are held responsible for any further deterioration as a result of the delay. Once we have been informed of a fault we will contact the landlord and act upon their instructions.

Please note: You must not instruct a contractor to undertake any work without our permission. The cost of any work carried out without our permission will become your responsibility.

Please note it is the tenants' responsibility to ensure that drains are kept clear. Should a blockage occur, the owner will only become liable should there be a fault with the drainage system and/or the pipe work.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the garden?

If your property has a garden it is your responsibility to ensure that the lawns are cut regularly and the borders are kept weed free and hedges trimmed regularly. In addition, the gardens must be kept tidy and free from refuse.

What is a gas safety inspection?

Your property, if supplied with gas, will have a gas safety certificate. These certificates are renewable yearly and are completely free of charge to you as the tenant.

It is however, imperative, for your own safety, that these checks are carried out when the certificate expires. Our qualified engineers will contact you one week prior to the due inspection date. Due to stringent deadlines the date and time cannot be changed. If you are unable to make the appointment the engineer will be able to gain access using our spare keys. We do however, ask that you ensure your gas and electricity is turned on.

Do I need to notify you if I go on holiday?

If you are going to be away from the property for more than two weeks at any one time, you must inform us in writing. Being unoccupied for a period may affect the house insurance and we may have to take steps to ensure the property is adequately protected.

If you plan to stay away at all during the winter, please turn the water off at the stopcock and drain the cold water system. If centrally heated, always ensure that the central heating system is left on low in this circumstance.

Do I need to insure the property?

The landlord is responsible for insuring the property and any items owned by them which are left in the property. You are responsible for arranging your own insurance for your possessions. Neither the landlord nor Maltings Property Management will accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your possessions whilst at the property.

What if I have problems with neighbours?

Try to be on good terms with the neighbours, however short your stay, and avoid offending them with excessive noise or inconsiderate behaviour.

Will my Landlord want his property back?

If the landlord wishes to end the tenancy at or after six months, we will serve what is known as a Section 21 Notice, which gives you two months notice before you have to vacate the property.

Do I have to give notice to vacate?

If you wish to terminate your tenancy, at the end of the contractual period, please remember to give Maltings Property Management at least one months notice in writing. Do not forget to advise the gas, water, electricity boards and KC, of the date of your departure so that final accounts can be prepared. Should the property have a token meter you must leave it is credit in order that a thorough inspection can be carried out. A deduction may be taken from your deposit if you leave the meter in arrears.

If you stay after the fixed term the tenancy will continue but will run from month to month (A periodic tenancy). This periodic tenancy can be ended by you giving at least one months written notice to Maltings Property Management.

Does my property come with parking?

Please ensure that you are aware of parking availability for your property. Parking is not always available, is often limited to one space or there is a designated parking space. Please be aware that some Apartment Management Companies impose charges for inappropriate parking.

What is your policy on Pets?

You must gain written permission from the landlord before introducing pets into the property. You must consult us prior to introducing a pet and submit a written request which must include the age, type and breed of animal. Permission will not be withheld unreasonably. However, please be aware that the introduction of some animals may cause an increase in the amount of deposit we hold, and any damage will be at you expense

What should I do with Post from previous occupiers?

If any post arrives for previous tenants please cross out the address, mark 'gone away' and put in the nearest post box.

Do you make inspections of the property?

We conduct regular visits of all tenanted accommodation. The purpose of the visit is to check to ensure there are no maintenance issues that need attention and also to check the property is being maintained in a fair manner. Each visit will normally take less than twenty minutes, and we will contact you beforehand giving you notice of our intention, with an appointment date and time. If for any reason the appointment is inconvenient, please contact us immediately so that we can reschedule the appointment.

Can I pay my rent by Standing Order/Direct Debit?

Tenants are responsible for ensuring the rent is paid in full and on time.
When payment is made by standing order, rent is sent from your bank and should reach our account by the rent-due date. This saves you the worry of taking the trouble of bringing the rent to our office, and protects you from the potential of a bad payment history, should the rent be brought in late.

When rent is paid via cheque or standing order, please ensure payment is received by our office on your rent-due date.

Please note: Should we incur any costs as a result of a late payment in rent, this cost may be passed on to yourself.

Who is responsible for the rubbish bin?

Each property is provided with a black wheelie bin (for Hull Council) or green wheelie bin (for East Riding of Yorkshire Council ). Please inform Maltings Property Management immediately if the bin is not at the property on commencement of your tenancy. Any subsequent bin replacements will be the responsibility of the tenants throughout the duration of the agreement.

Can I allow friends to move in with me?

Every adult that moves in to the property (eighteen years old and above), must be named on, and must sign the tenancy agreement. Please be aware that it will be a breach of the agreement should anybody else move in to the property during your tenancy without express written permission from the landlord. Should permission be granted, a new tenancy agreement will be drafted and must be signed by all adults.

Are there any smoke/Fire and carbon Monoxide Detectors in the Property?

When any detectors are fitted in the property, under the terms of your agreement, you are obliged to ensure they are checked regularly and are kept in good working order. This is for your safety and the safety of your family. We recommend a daily check, however, they must be checked at least once a week. If you become aware of a fault you must notify us immediately.

Can I smoke in the property?

Please note your new property is a non-smoking property unless permission is obtained from the owner.

Can I choose my own utility provider?

We are working closely with a company called Utility Warehouse to ensure our tenants receive the best service and market prices for their utilities and to enable all our properties to be with one provider. Benefits of Utility Warehouse include price beating leading utility suppliers, one company/one point of contact/one bill for all utilities. Please check on the Utility Warehouse website for further information and to see exactly how much you will be saving.

As part of your agreement we ask you to join the Utility Warehouse Club. The cost for this service is £1.76 per month, however, the benefits received compensate for this minimal fee. After completing your contract you will receive documentation through the post. Please respond with information required. If you have any queries please ask a member of staff.

What is the vacating procedure?

You must vacate the property on the agreed date (usually the last day of the tenancy agreement), unless informing us of carrying on the lease.

Once we are in receipt of the keys we will arrange to inspect the property prior to the return of your deposit. We will require a forwarding address and will contact you at this address when we are able to release the deposit.

You agree to provide Maltings Property Management with a forwarding address when the tenancy come to an end, take meter readings and remove all personal items and refuse from the property before leaving.

What is the Landlord Responsible For?

Safety of Gas and Electrical Appliances

A landlord is required to ensure that the gas installation and appliances are maintained and in good order. Annual safety checks must be carried out by a Corgi qualified and registered engineer, and results of such safety checks must be recorded and tenants issued with a copy of the safety certificate either at the commencement of the tenancy, or within 28 days of the annual inspection. You are not responsible for inspecting gas appliances which are owned by a tenant and which they can take away at the end of the tenancy.

It is recommended that all portable electrical appliances (those which are able to be plugged in), provided in connection with accommodation are checked and serviced, at the very least, annually. Potable items to be serviced included; electric cookers and fires, kettles, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and any other electrical domestic appliance. Safety checks and services should only be carried out by competent electricans.

Fire Safety of Furniture and Furnishings

Any furniture of furnishings supplied by the landlord must meet the fire resistance requirements of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations Act 1988.

Fire Safety - In the case of houses in multiple occupation the property must be provided with an adequate means of escape from fire and other precautions, including detection and warning system. Houses which are not houses in multiple occupation must have an adequate means of escape adequate fire alarm system. Houses should be fitted with smoke alarms with tamper proof batteries on each level in the stairway. It is advised that all smoke alarms are mains operated and interlinked to BS5839 part 6 grade D. Fire blankets should be provided in shared kitchens and fire extinguishers provided in category D (Hostels) HMO's.